Do you want to become a pilot? We help you take the right steps to your successful future in the cockpit.

We offer you the freedom to acquire a private pilot’s license at a flight school of your choice at the start of your pilot career, without being committed to a contract with AeronautX. This way you can be sure that you are on the right course and that you want to turn your hobby into a profession – with AeronautX, the only Member Organization of the Airline Pilot Club in the German-speaking world.



Courses on demand

We understand that career trajectories and situations differ. In addition to our standard curriculum, we offer advanced courses on demand to prepare you for your final qualification steps.

MCC Course (2 participants)

In Multi-Crew Cooperation training you learn the skills you need to work as part of an aircraft crew. Completion of this training is mandatory before you can get a multi-crew aircraft type rating, an airline transport pilot license (ATPL), or a multi-crew pilot license (MPL).


ATPL Theory, combined classroom seminars and web-based training, course entry any time possible.


Partner Services with Crewsolution & Xclusive Skygroup

In cooperation with our partners Crewsolution and Xclusive Skygroup, we are addressing the market needs for efficient and reliable crew and airservice support! Here you’ll find important services like online fuel support, crewing, visa and travel from a single source. This saves you time, personnel and costs! We believe flexibility is key. That’s why our partners Crewsolution and Xclusive Skygroup are also there for you outside of regular business hours. Their more than 20 years of experience in the aviation industry, their network and their partners enable them to support you in the most effective possible way!


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General questions

Yes, AeronautX offers you a complete solution. If you already have flight experience, we will check on a case-by-case basis what can be credited to you. This reduces your training costs.

AeronautX trains according to the “blended learning” model, a mixture of eLearning and face-to-face classes, with the amount of face-to-face classes exceeding the legal minimum. In this way we can ensure that you have access to in-depth knowledge.

AeronautX uses training materials from Bristol Ground School, a world leader in aviation. Not only do we provide you with all the necessary documents, they are also included in the course price. Furthermore, we offer you additional modules that are necessary for an airline pilot but are not compulsory subject matter of the training. This gives you decisive advantages in job interviews and admission tests after completing your training.

AeronautX offers the best of both worlds – conventional instrumentation in the simulator and glass cockpit in the aircraft. The simulator program with conventional instrumentation develops and strengthens your spatial orientation and is ideal as preparation for your work as a pilot. Switching to GLASS insgrumentation on the plane during training will then be very easy for you.

For those interested who have completed their pilot training, there are interesting “master’s studies” that can be taken part-time afterwards or at a later point in the pilot’s career. This reduces your academic study volume as you will receive credits for your pilot licence training. However, if you wish, you can also take both activities in parallel, which of course prolongs the pilot training.

Yes, due to the training design lateral entry or the conversion of foreign licenses is possible at AeronautX.

Each individual case is carefully examined and, if necessary, clarified with the responsible aviation authority. If you have acquired a foreign pilot license, we will be happy to help you and provide you with a customized offer.

Yes, AeronautX cooperates with international partner schools and has been chosen as a training partner by flight companies in the past. These have included Tyrolean Airways (now Austrian Airlines) and Fly Niki. Currently there is a cooperation with GlobeAir.

Yes, AeronautX itself offers type training. In addition, we have long-standing contacts to national and international companies that offer such training.

Yes. Unlike other training companies, AeronautX (optionally) integrates all the content of an expensive stand-alone seminar into the training. This gives our course participants enough time to process this content well instead of simply consuming it quickly after the end of the training.

AeronautX will create an individual training file and a progress profile for you to follow.

Yes, this has been our strength for decades. AeronautX not only follows the EASA training guidelines, but also the ICAO Pilot Core Competencies. These training contents flow into each of our trainings to assure you meet all parameters of a competent pilot.

AeronautX offers you different instalment payment models. We accept an advance payment of the total training costs only for courses of less than 8 weeks total duration.

The combination of theory and practical training is presented to you as a “Course Footprint”. In addition, the entire course outline with the individual flight exercises is available to you at the beginning of the practical training.

Our interest is to schedule you efficiently, because we are aware that time is a critical factor for you, in addition to quality training.

Teaching stAff

Our theory instructors are all pilots and, with the exception of special subjects such as aviation law, are also flight instructors. So they not only know about the subject area, but also apply their knowledge practically.

Our flight instructors have many years of experience as pilots and flight instructors.

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